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Elliott Steals The Show!

Updated: May 29, 2020

Have you ever had a funny moment with your little brother or sister? Well i have! And they were caught on camera! Here is a couple funny moment i have had with my little brother. In the video titled "WHAT HAPPENS WHEN DAD WANTS ELLIOTT TO JOIN US FOR A BOOK" posted on my channel on September 27th, 2019, Elliott does not cooperate with us when we started recording. We never actually got read the book from the bloopers video unfortunately. Well back to the story! Elliott had previously been in the video when we read The Nutcracker. The book was called "Look Out! It's A Dragon!". Elliott was going crazy in the video! He decided to get up a bunch of times and started making noise i just couldn't take it i had to start laughing! So, after 5-10 minutes of trying to get Elliott to cooperate with us, we gave up. As you may know during our live streams recently Elliott has made a handful of appearances. Some of them were random and unexpected.But one day when we were wrapping up reading Amelia Bedelia Means Business, Elliott had stolen the next book we were gonna read right before the stream. So at the end as soon as i finished saying "Join Me Tomorrow When I read Mr Brown Can Moo Can You?" Elliott came in and handed me the next book we were gonna read! How crazy is that! Do you have any funny stories with your little brother or sister?

The Bloopers Video

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